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A Season Of travelers

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Travelers are people moving from one place to another with a specific destination and specific instructions (directions) for how to get there. Even if the destination is unknown, they are still under instruction. It’s an organized and INTENTIONAL movement.

On the contrary nomadic movement is wondering blind. No direction, no instruction. It can often be an anxiety and fear-filled movement because it lacks clarity and PURPOSE.

In this season many will find themselves labeled travelers. They are moving, under God’s instruction, to places (new seasons) ordained for specifically for them. They are purposed for this travel and strategically placed for this movement.

This is a FREE season of travel as God has released (and still is releasing) old things. He has shed people and things that you may not understand just yet. But keep following His instruction.

As we intentionally move to our various preordained destinations, I see others in a dessert literally wondering. They look tired, hungry, and their eyes are full of worry and fear…they are frantic because they feel there is no end their wondering…they look like the walking dead.

These people chose to latch onto what was comfortable when God was calling them to specific. They refused to believe when God dropped a new destination in their spirit, so they kept doing things the old way. They refused to change their thought pattern, legalistic tendencies, language, routines, environment, friend groups, etc. So they are left wondering while the rest of us move to next destinations.

While us travelers have experienced moments of tired and hard, it’s short lived because we are in the midst of obedient movement. So God is replenishing and redeeming us from those seasons of hard travel.

He is providing more than we could ever imagine for this next part of our journey to purpose. This is just the beginning. Minds will be blow before the year is finished.

For those that are still trapped in the nomadic void, wondering with no direction or instruction YOU decided on vs what God blessed…Turn around. God is unlike humans…He doesn’t give up on you. Turn around, before it’s too late.


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