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Vision: Refreshing Downpour

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Prophetic vision: Refreshing Rain

As I was sitting in the car today I was looking up at the heavy clouds and I felt the lord saying that a rain was coming.

Not a rain that would overwhelm or drown, but a refreshing rain…a cleansing rain. A rain that would wash away the disappointments from seasons passed.

He was saying that a fresh rain is coming from the heavens and with it everything will be restored, redeemed, realigned, restructured, rebuilt, reanimated, and reclaimed.

Mud is being washed away from routes of escape and enriched avenues that have been blocked for months.

The Lord said He allowed those paths to be cut off until this time was upon you. He was waiting for you to be obedient and let go of people and things that could not come with you along your new enlightened path.

Those that have been in a season of misunderstanding and confusion will suddenly begin to SEE & HEAR clearly and feet that were stuck will begin to move freely. Effective voices will come seemingly out of nowhere and carry with them the absolute FIRE and anointing.

I heard God saying LOUDLY “be diligent about your work”. When instructions are dropped in your spirit, follow them, even if you do not know the entire plan. Move as God orchestrates in the background. He is raising up new…but just new to the world, not new to Him.

Clarity!! Is being screamed. I see a path and my feet on the path, but there is a thick cloud of smoke in the air so I can’t see the very end of the path…but someone is in front of me clearing the smoke with the wave of a hand, each time I take a step. So the path, and my feet remain extremely clear, even though I can’t see the very end. God is saying “Put one foot in front of the other”. Trust Him, take the step and He will guide your movement. Don’t let fear or memories of disappointment keep you from taking the steps that God is instructing.

No you don’t know How He’s gonna do it, but trust He will! Things are about to manifest that you thought were lost or completely forgot about. You have been so used to disappointment, but that is shifting.

As I continued to look up into the sky, I saw a cloud that was in a “swirl” 🍥. It looked like at any moment a tornado could come out of the sky suddenly to do harm.

The Lord was showing me the enemy’s posture. He is waiting for an opportunity to pounce and test your faith, but God is not allowing the “twister” to form and come down from the sky! Whew!! This is your time of overflow and the Lord will not allow the enemy to interfere. Period. Keep your eyes on God and don’t let distractions take you off course.

As I sat there, Gods presence and love overwhelmed me. I felt my lungs open up and a freshness overtake me.

This is your time to breathe…breathe deeply and fully without hesitation or fear of another disappointment. Breathe & Be Blessed.


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