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Overcoming the Fear of Man in Business Transactions

Paying to Belong: The Power of Belonging in Business

As I sat and reflected on the challenges facing business owners in my industry, one theme kept emerging: the desire to belong. I realized that when I invested thousands of dollars in coaching programs, the promise of belonging was a key factor that drew me in, even more so than the specific transformations offered.


This realization led me to explore how the need for belonging impacts business transactions. While the transformations a business provides are important, the sense of belonging that a client experiences can be just as influential in their decision to invest. By understanding and addressing this fundamental human desire, we can break free from the fear of man that often holds us back from charging the true value of your skills and services.

Establishing Your Authority

Before we dive deeper, I want to address the question of my own authority to speak on this topic. As the owner of a successful, multiple six-figure branding and website design agency, I have weathered both extreme highs and lows in my entrepreneurial journey. This experience, with all its ups and downs, has given me a unique perspective and the credibility to share insights that can truly help others.


Too often, we dismiss the wisdom of those who have not yet reached the pinnacle of success. However, the lessons learned through both triumph and struggle are invaluable. My journey, with its challenges and triumphs, has equipped me with a deep understanding of the realities of business transactions that can benefit others seeking to break free from the fear of man.

The First Principle: Ask for More

When I first started my business, I charged a mere $75 for a website. I was excited, as it felt like a hack – I had created something from scratch, and someone was willing to pay for it. Over time, as my skills and expertise grew, I was able to increase my prices significantly, culminating in a $188,000 website design project and a $115,000 branding project.


The key difference between those early days and my current pricing wasn't just my technical abilities; it was my willingness to ask for more. For years, I had allowed the fear of man to hold me back, worrying that clients wouldn't pay higher prices or that I wasn't "worthy" of commanding higher fees. But once I broke through that mental barrier and started asking for the true value of my services, my business transformed.


If you possess the skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide a high-level transformation for your clients, you must have the courage to ask for the appropriate compensation. Overcome the fear of man by confidently communicating the value you offer, and don't be afraid to charge the true value of your services.

The Second Principle: Establish Boundaries

For years, I had zero boundaries in my business. Clients would text and call me at all hours, and I would make myself available to them 24/7, believing that if someone was paying me, I had to be at their constant beck and call. This lack of boundaries not only led to burnout but also prevented me from charging what I was truly worth.


It wasn't until I started implementing proper boundaries that I was able to regain control of my business and my life. This included defining clear communication protocols, setting expectations around response times, and enforcing payment terms. By establishing these boundaries, I removed the fear and anxiety that had previously plagued my business transactions.


Boundaries are not about keeping people out; they're about protecting yourself. When you have a clear, unwavering set of boundaries in place, you eliminate the fear of man that can creep in when clients try to push your limits. This, in turn, empowers you to confidently charge your true worth and maintain the integrity of your business.

The Third Principle: Prepare Diligently

Preparation is the final key to breaking the fear of man in your business transactions. This involves three critical steps:


1.  Prepare your spirit: Ensure that you are spiritually grounded, prayed up, and walking in discernment. This spiritual preparation will protect you from unwanted exchanges and keep you firmly rooted in your purpose.

2.  Stay up-to-date on industry knowledge: Continuously educate yourself on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in your field. This knowledge will not only make you a more valuable asset to your clients but will also bolster your confidence in your abilities.

3.  Implement systems and order: Establish clear processes, workflows, and systems in your business. This level of organization and preparation will ensure that your high-ticket clients receive the premium experience they expect, without you being pulled into their personal processes.


Preparation is the foundation that allows you to confidently and consistently deliver transformative results for your clients. By investing the time and effort into this crucial step, you remove the fear of the unknown and position yourself as a true authority in your industry.

I pray this was helpful for you! Follow along on YouTube as we continue the "Paying to Belong" series with "Rejection in Business" next.

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Until next time,

Krystal Portorreal


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