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For The Sober Curious

As an adult, being in alcohol recovery is extremely difficult. First of all, adults can be SOOO UN-creative and the only things many of us get invited to revolve around drinking. Second, many of us (more than admit it) are introverts, so not having that "liquid courage" going into a social setting can be super scary. And lastly (and sadly), many adults have been drinking for so long that they are actually unsure if the outgoing, fun personality that people love so much is really them...or the alcohol.

Well, as a recovered alcoholic...I can tell you that the things alcohol tells you are lies, ALL lies!

We are constantly fed the illusion that alcohol is the source of real fun, joy, and connection with others. It’s portrayed as the substance that allows you to “be yourself”, which has quite literally hindered societies ability to function without it.

It's constantly normalized and accepted as something that normal adults partake in (almost like those of us that don't have something wrong with us). This all feels oddly familiar and reminds me of the old opioid commercials that claimed the drugs were not addictive at all. Or the cigarette commercials that glamorized smoking like it was a natural part of having fun as an adult.

Now, right now you may be thinking "that's a bit extreme". But let me tell you what is NOT extreme. Alcohol is actually a depressive drug that can work overtime to decrease your dopamine and GABA (feel good chemicals) levels in your body, leading to depression. What's also not extreme is that nearly 14 million adults (1 in 13) admit to abusing alcohol. And that's just the ones who are honest! We ALL know when the doc asks how many alcoholic beverages we have a day, many people outright LIE, but will still insist they don't drink too much👀

I could go into SO many more statistics about alcohol, but for most, it's not helpful. Because most people have intwined alcohol so deeply into their lives, that they can't even imagine (and don't want to imagine) their lives without it.

They have tied alcohol into the very fabric of their identity.

Well, I am here as a witness today to tell you that you will still be you without alcohol. You are still fun, creative, fabulous, and free without that next drink. You do not have continue a life that is not free.

Some reading this may feel it isn't for them because they only drink XX amount each day, or they are not living under a bridge begging for quarters to get their next drink. Let me take care of that thought for you. I was in active duty military, then ran two businesses for YEARS all while heavily abusing alcohol. Some call this a functioning alcoholic...but I wasn't functioning. I was living, yes, but I was a depressed mess behind closed doors. But I felt too ashamed to admit what was going on and too alone to stop.

You are not alone. You can do life without depending on this annoying substance that has changed who you are! I challenge you to get back to you💕

Reach out if you are Sober Curious and ever need to chat or just need a sober buddy! I'm 2 years sober by the grace of God and loving it!


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