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1:1 SESSION FOR Life &/or business

Possibilities...It's prophetically reaching into your future and seeing what God has for you!

There are many things you can seek when thinking of starting a business or even just thinking about your future life. I've been an entrepreneur for 10yrs and started 3 businesses in that time. If I could give one lesson, it would be to go in with better strategy...Godly strategy.

And guess what? Strategy comes from FIRST exploring POSSIBILITIES.

This experience starts with a 45min meeting where we will sit down and discuss where you are now, what your goals are, and what you see in the future. We will discuss the possibilities I've written down from seeking The Lord before our call, and whatever comes up during the call based on our conversation.


After the call, I will put together what is called a Possibilities Guide. This is a detailed graphic presentation of the possibilities we discussed.


My job is to see what CAN be and help you see beyond your current circumstances.

This session is SUPER helpful for those that are business owners and you need direction with business. I find most people start at design or even strategy, when possibilities is really the answer.

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The cost for this service is $99.

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