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1:1 SESSION FOR Solo's & Startups

Possibilities...That's what brand insight and strategy is to me. It's prophetically reaching into your future and seeing what God has for you and your brand.

There are many things you can seek when thinking of starting a business. I've been an entrepreneur for 10yrs and started 3 businesses in that time. If I could give one lesson, it would be to go in with better strategy...Godly strategy.

And guess what? Strategy comes from exploring POSSIBILITIES.

This experience starts with a 30min meeting where we will sit down and discuss where you are now, what your goals are, and what you see in the future. We will discuss some possibilities on this call, but the major work is done once the call ends.


After the call, I will first seek the Lord in prayer as always, then, I will put together what is called a Possibilities Guide. This is a detailed graphic presentation and video of the vision I see for you and your brand in the future. 


My job is to see what CAN be and help you see beyond your current circumstances.

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This presentation will spark curiosity and leave you believing what’s possible. Because all things are possible in Christ and we don't put limits on the plans He has for us.


It will point out the big, possibly scary vision of your future brand.


It’s a peek into your possible destinations, and it requires you to shed disbelief and open your mind to be ready to receive, and have fun dreaming.


In this reading and video presentation we will walk you through what we see for you and your brand with everything from product development to partnerships, brand deals, and even the revenue you could earn (as applicable).


The cost for this service is $297.

When we've finished our time together we will also tell you about how to get tapped into our coming programs where we guide you, along with others through our TPC Devotional Course over 90 days.

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